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580 Market St., 6th Floor
San Francisco , CA 94104
Presence Learning

The Leading Provider of Live Online Speech Therapy, Online Occupational Therapy, Online Behavior & Mental Health Services

At PresenceLearning, we love to see children thrive, which is why we are making the promise of online speech therapy and online occupational therapy (sometimes called telepractice) come true.

With the ongoing shortage of speech language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs), and mental health service providers (MHPs) in school districts reaching crisis proportions, innovative modes of delivery have become essential for providing special needs kids with access to the therapeutic services.

A large and growing body of research, starting with a seminal study by the Mayo Clinic in 1997, demonstrates that live online speech therapy is just as effective as face-to-face therapy.

Our mission is to make all kinds of online therapy practical, affordable and convenient for schools, school districts, and families with special needs children while providing an extraordinary therapy experience for each child. The PresenceLearning solution includes:

  • access to our large and growing network of top-notch speech language therapists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs), and behavioral and mental health service providers (MHPs)
  • the latest video-conferencing technology
  • the most engaging games and evidence-based activities
  • time-saving collaboration and practice management tools targeting SLPs, OTs, MHPs and educators

    Join the growing group of clinicians, educators and parents committed to seeing children thrive as part of the online therapy revolution.

    Online Therapy for Schools
    • Highest quality speech and occupational therapists and school counselors
    • 45,000 activities and exercises for all ages and conditions
    • Flexible scheduling

    The PresenceLearning Trail Map for Parents
    provides clarity by outlining the six major milestones in getting help for your child from getting a referral for an evaluation through treatment and ongoing re-evaluation as developmental goals are met.


    Over 50 research studies across 20 years have validated that online therapy is effective. PresenceLearning’s solution for online speech therapy has won awards and praise from educators, parents, and clinicians.

    Online Therapy eBooks & White Papers


    Visit our website:
    Presence Learning | 580 Market St., 6th Floor  San Francisco , CA 94104 | 828x-215x-3489
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